Grade 1 Field trip

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Ramadan Festival

Congratulations to all students who took part in our Ramadan Festival '23. Students from RISE, Scholarshome, Blue Bird, JCES, JCPCS and other schools took part in a range of competitions and drama.

ūüźĚ Spelling Bee  2023

Here we are presenting the students of selection round.

Final round will be held on Thursday, 2nd March, 2023.

Annual Sports Day 2023

RISE school conducted Annual sports day for all grades from 1-12.

Winner was Green house.




This time we had four house, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red

Art Field Trip to BANALATA, Gowainghat, Sylhet
Date: 5th March 2023

Kendriyo Shahid Minar

Grade eight visit - February 2023

Grade 8 visited Kendriyo Shahid Minar with the underground library, Sylhet Shahid Intellectual Memorial and one Assam pattern bungalow with the conversant bungalow.

Mainamati , Cumilla

Grade 10
Feb 2023

Images from the visit

Mother Language Day

Mother Language Day is an important day in the history of Bangladesh.

The day is recognised by the United Nations as a day to celebrate inclusion and culture.

At RISE, students performed a range of traditional songs and dances, celebrating Bengali heritage.

Students of the Week

Students of the week for each week.

Gallery 2022-3

events at school

Assemblies 2022-3

All assemblies this year.

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