How do students learnt at RISE?

The British style of teaching and learning

An analytical approach, encouraging critical thinking, helps students’ intellectual and career development. For example, when writing essays or undertaking projects during the course of their studies, students are expected to introduce original thought and not simply repeat what they have been told by their tutors.

Teaching methods are designed to develop independent thinking, interpersonal skills and confidence. The UK teaching and learning style is based upon deep subject learning through wide reading on the subject. This includes:

  • attending lessons with staff who have masters degrees
  • critical thinking, questioning and analysis
  • discussing ideas and opinions with teachers and fellow students
  • contributing personal ideas in tutorials, seminars and teamwork
  • developing confidence and original thought
  • learning how to express themselves through essays, presentations and projects.

Preparing for University

We are members of UCAS

Students can apply to study in the UK through RISE, as we are a member of UCAS.

MS Mahapara is our UCAS coordinator.


Our Secondary Teachers.


Science, technology, Engineering and Maths

Languages & humanities

English, Bangla, religion, Economics, Business Studies, Accounts, Enterprise

Arts & Sports

.Physical Education, Art, Music

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